For HR

Sending an employee abroad often means moving the entire family abroad, including school-age children. Naturally, you want your employee's children to have an excellent education abroad as well. 

Some questions that are important here:

  • Is an international school the answer or is a local school a better option?
  • Is there a school that offers a curriculum close to your national education system?
  • When the children return home, do they have to remain international or can they (re)integrate into the education system of origin?
  • Does this mean that additional educational costs will have to be incurred if the family  returns?
  • Is there a risk that, because of the differences in curriculum, a child may end up not getting the diploma that does justice to his or her abilities and skills?

AdvEDU supports you and your expat families in all such education related issues. This support will take into account the education costs for the employer and on the other hand the education challenges for your employee's children.

Ensuring a successful expatriation for the children is paramount. The educational advice focuses on several important aspects, such as school choice, keeping up with the mother tongue and possible language courses beforehand.

For employees inside and outside the Netherlands, we can advise and also arrange certain services for them with relevant agencies. Such as:

  • pre-departure language courses,
  • arranging Dutch language and culture lessons, with distance learning or by using a NOB school locally.
  • arranging placement examinations and providing return support programs.

We offer a package that provides expats with complete educational advice and support, regardless of their nationality or home country, throughout the entire process: before departure, during stay and even after return.