Educational Advice

When a family move is on the horizon, the question of how the best to handle the children's education is high on the mind of most expats.
"Is an international school the answer or would a local school provide the most valuable experience?"

Pre-departure advice and consultation

A school that is an excellent choice for one child could be less favorable for another As a parent, how can you determine what is best? After visiting the school you can of course get an impression based on the (perceived) atmosphere, the way you were received and the admission requirements, but what are the short- and long-term educational consequences and results of your choice?

As an educational consultant, I am specialized in looking at this together with the parents.
The current educational situation of your child will be compared with the options available locally. Also (possible) future plans are being considered. This creates an advice in which the child and his or her abilities and skills are central.

Our Educational consultancy services can be used at any point in the process of a foreign assignment. Before departure we advise on the choice of school at the destination, but we can also answer intermediate educational questions and of course support in cross posting or return.

All advice will be done through personally contact, speaking directly with the family.

Worldwide educational advice and support for all expats!

Language lessons for children (and adults)

AdvEDU can arrange language classes for children (and adults) in the most common languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, but also in Chinese, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, etc. These lessons provide strong support for feeling more comfortable when arriving in the new foreign environment. This gives confidence in a period when almost everything is new. For a child there is nothing more important than connecting with other kids quickly. This works best when a child already has knowledge of the local language when arriving at the destination.

Thanks to a network of qualified teachers - including many native speakers - AdvEDU stands for competent teaching. Lessons take place at school, online or at your home.

Advice and consultation during the stay abroad

During your stay abroad, the need may arise for the family to consult with us. This may relate to the performance of your child(ren), as well as possible return or cross posting. Because of our annual personal contact with the families, we can move quickly in this regard. So that - even at this stage - you can be sure that your child will re-enter the education system of the home country without any problems. This should not cause any uncertainty during the stay abroad.

Even if the employee moves to their next destination abroad, we can assist. We have contact with the schools, check the compatibility of the different educational programs and discuss with you all the ins and outs related to choosing the right school.

Advice and consultation upon return

Upon return we can inform parents about the educational possibilities for their children. For example, information on the most suitable form of education and information on the educational quality of schools in the region of return. In addition, AdvEDU can advise parents in which class or group their son or daughter can best enroll. This applies for the Netherlands, but also other countries worldwide.

When returning shortly before the change from primary to secondary education, it is recommended that the children are tested for their educational level and intelligence. This can be done by taking a Didactic test in combination with an Intelligence test.